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This Hindu goddess-dog saved daylight and in so doing, mankind

I am Anubis, Absolute Ruler of the Underworld. I am Egyptian. My face and arms are black, and my ears stick upright out of the top of my head. I have thick legs that taper to a fine, upright heel, with paws that allow me to pivot in my work. Some people have referred to me as a jackal, or a wolf. Those canids could not withstand the rigors of my job.

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This Hindu Goddess-Dog Saved Daylight and In So Doing, Mankind

This Hindu goddess-dog saved daylight and in so doing, mankind

My name is SaramA.

I am a dog-god, and I sit at the right hand of Indra, Hindu king of all gods.

To know more about our relationship, you first must know more about Indra. This king of

all gods is not born in the usual way, but is so special and pure that he comes out of the mouth of

the Primordial God. This god of all gods is named Perusha. He takes special time and care

fashioning Indra, making certain that when his progeny takes the throne, he has the ability to rule

lightning, thunder, storms, and rivers.

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The Wolf In My Dog, My Dogs Ancestors

The earth trembled.

A great rift appeared separating the first man from the rest of the animal kingdom.

As the chasm widened, all of the other animals returned to the forests, where they lived in


But the dog leaped the chasm.

His love for humanity was greater than his bond to other creatures.

He willingly forfeited his place in paradise to prove it.

---Ojibwa Legend: Told by Native Americans in the Great Lakes region

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