Jeannette Barnes DVM



I was born into a family with two brothers, and was regularly introduced to snakes, horned toads, tortoises and even an octopus, but it was mammals that grabbed my childhood and professional interest. As a child, a great number of my weekends were consumed with hunting fossilized fish, shark’s teeth, and other early creatures of the sea.

Then came the REAL schooling with degrees in Biological Science and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University. After meeting and treating thousands of dogs with veterinary issues ranging from swallowed gym socks to cases of the flu, I became entranced with where dogs came from. Who were their "dinosaurs"?

My fascination with fossils led me to read about early dog excavations in Czechoslovakia from 30,000 years ago. A fossilized dog skull with a mammoth bone placed in his mouth after death and a skull with holes drilled in the braincase made me aware that dogs accompanied man thousands of years before recorded history.

My life is a loving tribute to the incredible variety of dogs in this world, to wolves, and to their shared history.

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