Jeannette Barnes DVM

"Mouth open, fingers clenching the cloth of my jean dress, I stare directly into the gold, vacant eyes of a predator ."

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My passion for dogs, and their development from wolves inspired me to start this website. I want to encourage others to share their relationship with dogs, and fascination with ancestry of these animals.

For many years, I have been interested in the wide range and number of dog breeds that have been purposely designed by human beings. This is a testimony to the variety of desirable character traits dogs express.

Do you want a small cuddly dog? Someone already developed the perfect dog just for you. How about a large, powerful hunting breed? Exactly the right dog exists. We’ve got dogs to sniff out cancer; dogs to dial 911; dogs as military heroes.

None of this could have transpired without the wolf. All dogs from the tiniest two-pound toy Yorkshire Terrier to the two-hundred pound Irish Wolfhound emerged from this undomesticated animal. And there is a huge controversy about when and where the wolf was first tamed. Did this domestication take place in China, near the Yangtze River? Or was it a  European phenomenon?

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This website celebrates the history of the dog, and the excitement of being a guardian of YOUR dog through photographs, articles, and monthly features. Feel free to contribute!